About us


World Educational Films (WEF) was founded as a Limited Company  in 2000 by Gerald Harvey Thompson O.B.E. FRPS, David Thompson, Stephen Evans and Patricia Harvey-Thompson. WEF is no longer a Limited Company and relocated from Oxfordshire to France in 2007. The World Educational Films website continues to be the sole distributor of the entomological films Gerald Thompson produced whilst University Lecturer in Forest Entomology at the University of Oxford.
Filmed in 1960 The Alder Woodwasp and its Insect Enemies received International acclaim and this was the first of four films WEFhas  digitally re-mastered with up to date commentaries.

The other films are:
Tiger Beetle – A Life History
Spiders – Courtship and Mating
Spiders – Prey Capture

Patricia Harvey-Thompson holds the copyright to all the films her father produced prior to his becoming the Senior Founding Member of Oxford Scientific Films in 1968 and she continues to distribute Gerald’s films worldwide. She also films, produces and edits her own natural history films for children – “The Story of Black Bun”, on DVD with the assistance of Stephen Evans, Technical Consultant.


World Educational Films