Alder Woodwasp – Awards


“The Alder Woodwasp and its Insect Enemies”


The film opened a window into the world of nature and was the first application of macrophotography to nature. Regarded as a classic of its kind the film received the following National and International Amateur Awards:

1960 - The Major and Minor Awards in the Natural History Film Competition jointly sponsored by the BBC and the Council for Nature.

1961 - Gold Medal for best film in Exhibition; 6th International Exhibition of Science Teaching Films, Padua University.

1961 - Selected by the British Association For The Advancement of Science for screening at the Annual Meeting of the British Association.

1961 - The Fifteenth International Edinburgh Film Festival selected The Alder Woodwasp for exhibition.

1962 - 3rd place for Overall Excellence; Vancouver International Amateur Film Festival

1963 - 1st Place; Springbok Award

1963 - Certificate awarded by Exhibition in Venezuela ‘In Recognition of the High Standard of This Presentation’.

1963 - Gold Plaque awarded at The South African International Film Festival.

1964 - Certificate of Merit awarded at The Vancouver Amateur Film Festival.

1964 - Selected by the Educational Film Library Association for showing at The American Film Festival, New York.

1965 - Diploma of Honour awarded by the 11th New Zealand Science Congress, Auckland.

1975 - Silver Medal awarded to Gerald Thompson by The Zoological Society of Great Britain ‘In recognition of contributions to the understanding of zoology’.

1998 - Wildscreen Panda Award for Outstanding Achievement awarded to Gerald Thompson
Panda Awards Quote: ‘Central to every WILDSCREEN festival is the Panda Awards competition, through which the best new films, television and interactive media productions about the natural world are chosen and rewarded. The best entry overall receives the Golden Panda. In addition, the awards ceremony is the occasion when The Wildscreen Trust bestows its Panda for Outstanding Achievement, recognising the contribution made by an individual or organisation to wildlife film-making and/or the public’s understanding of conservation issues’.

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