Alder Woodwasp – Preview

The Alder Woodwasp and its Insect Enemies


If the above video does not work for you please download the video file here.

As preview clip video files are fairly large, they make take some time to download, depending on the speed of your internet connection. When you click on the “View film preview” link, your browser will open a window asking whether you want to open the video file and view it immediately, or if you want to just download it and store it on your hard disk for future reference.

1. “Open this file from its current location” You will also need video player software which can view Windows AVI format files. If you are running Windows, Media player (which is part of Windows) will open automatically. Just wait for the file to download and it will automatically play. If you are using an Apple Mac or other non-Windows system, try to view the file anyway to see if you have a compatible viewer on your system. If not, you can download Windows Media Player from the Microsoft website, free of charge.

2. “Save this file to disk” This option will open a file save dialogue, so you can select a directory on your hard disk to save the video to. For information on playing the video clip, see above.


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