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David Thompson

Wildlife Cameraman



Born in 1945 David was a Co-Founder and director of Oxford Scientific Films Ltd. until he decided to go freelance. He is the Co-holder of Panda, Christopher and Blue Ribbon Awards.

On leaving school he assisted his father, Gerald Thompson in the early days of his father’s filming career. Whilst at Oxford Scientific Films he was one of the main cameramen as well as chief designer of their realistic film sets.

David is now retired and living in Cornwall.   Some of his last film work can be seen at  Wildscreen @ Bristol – a unique attraction and the first of its kind in the world.

A specialist in all aspects of wildlife photography

From insects to big game, David has travelled the world extensively filming in Africa (e.g. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Kenya) Australia, Central America (e.g.Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica) and the Caribbean – as well as Europe. His brother-in-law was one of the premier Safari Guides in Zimbabwe and through him David had access to a wide range of contacts within the National Parks of Zimbabwe and South Africa.

British born, he speaks fluent Spanish. Filming expeditions have taken him from sea-level to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro at nearly 20,000 feet. He was prepared to travel anywhere – being equally at home in desert or rainforest.

David is highly experienced in:

  • Aerial photography, working from helicopters and light aircraft
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Special Effects
  • Stills photography
  • Macrophotography

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