WEF Customers

WEF Customers


Silwood Park – Dept. of Biology

Smithsonian Institute – USA

University of Tucson, Arizona Ent Dept.

Cardiff University

University of Sweden

Everetts – International Booksellers

University of Kentucky

Kansas State University

University of Illinois

University of Oxford Library

University of Adelaide

Royal Entomological Society London

University of Leiden

Oxford Scientific Films

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

Texas A & M University

@ Bristol

University of Delaware Library

Bucknell university Pennsylvania

Lincoln University, New Zealand

USDA Forest Service – Mississippi

Western Michigan University Libraries

University of Bristol

University of Cambridge – Dept. of Zoology

Institute of Biological Sciences University of Aarhus, Denmark

Stevenage Borough Council – Environmental Health Dept.

University of Tel-Aviv

BioQuip in the USA – suppliers of entomological equipment

University of Oxford Plant Sciences Library

Wildlife Art and Graphic Design Artist

Plus individual purchasers all over the World


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